Program Overview

UConn has an impressive array of entrepreneurial resources, faculty, and staff ready to bring your start-up to the next level.

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Our Goal

The goal of UConn’s Master of Engineering in Global Entrepreneurship program is to nurture entrepreneurial enterprises and promote a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Connecticut. Your success is our success.

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What Makes us Different

We help you to embed within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Connecticut, and connect you with key investors across the state and the the region (Boston, New York City) that will help your start-up take off and excel in Connecticut.

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How it Works

Students selected for UConn’s Master of Engineering in Global Entrepreneurship program learn to become a successful entrepreneur by actually launching their own high-tech startup business. They identify their market, competitive advantages, and future value.

In this program, you will learn through actually doing:
How to incorporate your business and learn to protect financial and IP interests
Your market, your advantages over competitors, and your value to future customers
How to work with business and technical partners as you make contacts and grow your team
How to win regional competitions for technology startups
How to apply for federal (SBIR/STTR) and state seed funding
How to secure private funding without giving away too much
How to gain access to incubator space
How to develop a minimum viable product
How to mature a business plan
How to plan an exit strategy.

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UConn ranks as one of the top-25 public universities in the country

We Employ 3-Stage Progression to Guide Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Student Entrepreneur

In Stage 1, as a Student Entrepreneur, you will be earning your master’s degree as you focus full-time on establishing you own successful high-tech company.

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Resident Entrepreneur

In Stage 2, you may choose to apply to the Technology Incubation Program (TIP) as a Resident Entrepreneur, where you will receive business support, actively network and engage with other entrepreneurs and investors, and secure external funding.

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Principal Entrepreneur

In Stage 3, as a Principal Entrepreneur, where you will transition out of the incubator and become embedded into the Connecticut entrepreneurial network, where you will continue to develop your technology and expand your operations.