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Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation links the multitude of ways students can learn and practice entrepreneurship at the University, unlocking an innovative mindset in every student and instilling an inquisitive approach to rejecting the status quo.
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Technology Incubation Program

By coupling UConn's world-class research resources, facilities, and business support services to a network of experienced investors and entrepreneurs, UConn’s technology incubation program (TIP) helps launch startups ready to transform their respective markets.
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Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

CCEI inspires a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation across all academic disciplines throughout UConn by offering programs that support new venture development, teaching courses that engage students in innovation and new technologies, and connecting the University with the greater entrepreneurial ecosystem within Connecticut.
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Technology Commercialization Services

Under the umbrella of UConn’s Office of the Vice President for Research, Technology Commercialization Services (TCS) works with innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners to transform UConn discoveries into products, companies, and jobs that benefit society and fuel economic development. Through a coordinated approach between tech transfer, licensing, and startup teams, TCS provides service that enables success for faculty, business, Connecticut, and beyond.
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Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Law Clinic

The Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic assists eligible Connecticut innovator-entrepreneurs with intellectual property matters, including patent, copyright and trademark issues. Students working under the supervision of experienced intellectual property attorneys interview and counsel clients, conduct trademark and patent searches, register trademarks and copyrights, and prosecute patent applications.
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Leaders on Board

Throughout the region there are hundreds of nonprofits seeking to enhance the quality of life in their communities and improve the lives of their neighbors and constituents. Their work takes tremendous dedication and effort — that’s where Leaders On Board makes a difference. Leaders On Board helps nonprofits find new members who bring their diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to the important work of their organizations.
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When an innovation-based startup needs help in Connecticut, CTNext is the place to turn. Whether you’re starting, building, or scaling a business, CTNext has the programs and partners to move you forward. And while we’re helping individual entrepreneurs, we’re also helping the state build the ecosystem that will support innovative businesses for decades.
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Small Business Development Center

Connecticut Small Business Development Center’s trained and experienced full-time advisors work with a variety of small businesses in all industries and stages of development by providing no-cost advisory services.
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Human Rights Institute

​​The Human Rights Institute (HRI) at the University of Connecticut advances human rights knowledge and practice through research, teaching, and engagement. As a university-wide program under the Office of Global Affairs, HRI supports interdisciplinary inquiry into the most pressing human rights questions and prepares the next generation of human rights advocates across a range of fields.
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Vergnano Institute

The Vergnano Institute for Inclusion is dedicated to increasing the number of under represented students in engineering and other STEM fields and runs a number of programs in an effort to work towards this goal. The Vergnano Institute for Inclusion programs are designed to facilitate the outreach, recruitment, retention, and overall success of all members of the College of Engineering community.
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Krenicki Arts and Engineering Institute

The Krenicki Arts and Engineering Institute is an innovative and interdisciplinary partnership between the College of Engineering and School of Fine Arts focused on offering groundbreaking classes in entertainment engineering and industrial design. This unique approach gives students from both schools the opportunity to cultivate their latent creative and technical potential through innovative and dynamic explorations. whether the focus is on developing unique industrial designs or gaining technical skills and artistic approaches in the field of entertainment.
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Innovation Partnership Building

Innovation Partnership Building

The IPB provides an ecosystem that inspires great ideas, pushing the envelope for next generation solutions. Cross-disciplinary research teams develop novel approaches to critical real world problems in fields ranging from manufacturing to biomedical devices to cybersecurity. The IPB strengthens Connecticut’s economic future by connecting leading industries with outstanding research facilities and fosters new, innovative partnerships with entrepreneurs and with companies of all sizes.
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Southern Connecticut State University

As New Haven’s urban, public School of Business, the Southern Connecticut State University transforms the lives of a diverse student population through business education and research.
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