Startup Consulting

Startup Consulting

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About the Course

A project-based experiential learning opportunity that enables students to directly work with UConn startups and gain practical hands-on experience in exchange for course credits. Throughout the semester, students will work on projects that are defined and agreed upon between the startups, students, and course instructor and will be given the opportunity to strengthen their technical skills while expanding their entrepreneurial knowledge and learning.

The course is open to sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students and all graduate students. Course credits are variable and dependent on the project. Students who wish to enroll are required to find the participating UConn startup to propose a project. Projects are defined by the startup and student and approved by the instructor. The instructor, startup, ad student then agree on the number of credits the student may earn. Projects are supervised by the startup and instructor. The student is required to deliver periodic project reports and and two presentations in the semester.

What You'll Learn:

Through direct work at a UConn technology startup and in addition to exercising your technical skills in a real-world setting, you will understand startup and entrepreneurship development, expand your entrepreneurial thinking and network, and receive training in entrepreneurial skills and competencies, which will complement your technical skills for a range of STEM careers.

Students will be required to submit a CV and cover letter to course instructor, Dr. Leila Daneshmandi.

Credits: 1-6

Offered in: Fall and Spring

Instructor(s): Dr. Leila Daneshmandi

Days/Times: online/at startup

Instruction Mode: online/at startup